The one thing we are all after is a faster time. To get faster most of us need to practice. The effectiveness of your training will, to a greater extent, determine how much you improve.

Practice by itself will not make your technique perfect. It will make it permanent so you will want to make sure you are practicing the right things. The other articles on this wiki will hopefully point you in the right direction of what you should be practicing.

Getting the best the practice session

  • Learn from your mistakes and successes: Blog your training sessions and re-read the latest ones before you start. Video can also help to spot mistakes. You should also remember to write down
    • The days Temperature
    • Surface (dry, wet...)
    • Tyre pressure
    • Suspension settings
    • If your red bib had just been washed.
  • Set a session goal: Pick an aspect of your riding to work on and develop that.
  • Quick setup: Don't spend ages setting up complex courses. Use simple standard setups.
  • Measure improvement: Time all of your runs see what works and what doesn't.
  • Another perspective: Pair up with another rider (or non rider) to help diagnose your riding. They can often see things you cannot.
  • Imagicise! learn the course in your head and time it. The result should be the same as you ride it in reality. If it is not then you havent learned it properly. Do this even for the small courses, it will help with the bigger ones.

Courses to use

You can modify the size of the courses too, smaller or bigger.

  • GP8
  • Trikhana
  • Rotations
  • ... (more day to day practice course suggestions)

Asking questions during the session

  • Why did you fall off?
  • Where are you loosing time?
  • Are you using clutch, rear brake, front brake and throttle when you should?
  • Are you leaning in, out, forward, upright?
  • Why was last time faster than this time? or this time faster than last time?
  • Can you transition faster?