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Developing the skills and techniques for the sport of Moto-Gymkhana. Currently Japan has by far the fastest riders. The rest of the world needs to catch up. Sharing information will help us catch up. Features to be included are Training techniques, practice courses, bike setup, instructional videos and more.

Moto Gymkhana

The sport involves riding a motorcycle around a course made out of traffic cones (or Pylons) as quickly and cleanly as possible. There are two main varieties of the sport, USA and Japanese. The American version is slower closed courses and favours the heavier bikes like Harley Davidsons and 1000cc plus Sports Touring bikes. The Japanese (JAGE) style is faster, more open and favours smaller, more nimble bikes. Both types of competition are relatively cheap as you can use your standard road bikes. This Wiki will concentrate on the JAGE style. 


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Gymkhana Practice